Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Changing Weather Patterns and your Sleep Habits

The outside temperature has always had an effect on just how well we’re able to sleep. That’s a pattern that’s always been true. Winter and early nights generally bring on deep bouts of sleep. While hot, sticky days can make rest hard to obtain. Eventually we become used to the weather, even if it does take a few weeks to do so. But when it’s constantly sling-shotting back and forth, it’s even harder to prep for bed. Knowing what layers of clothing to wear, how cool to set the thermostat, whether or not you should turn on a fan, and so on.

These unpredictable weather patterns are especially common in the Midwest. Where weather can fluctuate drastically, even within a single day. Just because it was hot that day, doesn’t mean it will be hot that night, and so on. 

However, such large variations in weather can also affect how you sleep. How well, at what time, clothing choice, thickness of sheets, and so on. Leaving you to either go on a whim each night, or to be constantly checking the weather – and even then, the body can make adjustments we don’t even know about. 

To regulate yourself, even when the climate has a mind of its own, consider taking charge of the few factors you can control. First off, stick to your routine. If you generally shower before bed, continue to do so at the same time each night – even if it stays light later into the evening. You should also continue lying down to sleep at your same time, even if that means reading or watching TV first. 

Account for temperature changes with the thermostat, or by wearing thicker or thinner PJs each night. A bedroom fan can also make a world of difference.

To avoid losing sleep, even through drastic changes, remember these simple constants to help improve everyday routine.