Friday, February 27, 2015

How Shower Temperature Affects Your Health

How often do you think about your body when checking the water temperature? Right before you jump in the shower, and you’re adjusting colder or hotter, depending on your level of preference. Or nerve sensitivity – do you consider degrees, even in the slightest? In all actuality, it’s a subject very few people generally explore. If you’re cold, the shower is hot – and that makes us enjoy getting clean all the more. End of story. But what if there were more to it?

Believe it or not, your shower temperature can actually have a direct correlation to your level of health. For instance, taking a cooler shower when suffering from a fever will help it break. While taking too hot a shower can actually make a cold worse. A shower that’s too hot can also work to dry out the skin, cause you to be extra thirsty, or even create minor burns. While chilling yourself – on purpose or because the hot water’s been used – can force you to cower and strain muscles. Or lead to an all-day chill that sinks to your core. A fact that will likely lead to a bad mood as well. 

These might sound small, but when repeated on a daily basis, they can work to greatly negate and deteriorate certain health factors. Especially the skin and how it holds up with daily hydration practices. 

Finding the “right” temperature, however, can work to jumpstart each time you get clean. A shower with a medium temp still gets the job done, but without creating unnecessary side effects. Even if they’re unknowingly caused along the way.

The next time you take a shower, consider the water temperature and how it might potentially affect your daily health routine. Even slight adjustments can work toward ongoing, yet significant, improvements.