Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Praise for The Contour Leg Pillow

The Contour Leg Pillow can do wonders, a fact we’ve been spreading for years. But don’t just take it from us. Hear from this real-life leg pillow user, Donnie, and how its unique shape and sturdy design was able to revolutionize the way she sleeps. Having used it for more than a year, she said it has not only helped cure her Restless Leg Syndrome, but allowed for comfortable nights of sleep since day one. According to Donnie, the Contour Leg Pillow was able to remove pressure within her legs that caused strains and pains. Additionally, the pillow was able to remove pressure on her lower back. All around, it added up for a win-win situation, she said.   

But what is it that makes this pillow so special? By shaping directly to the legs and/or knees, users are able to gain some much needed support by keeping their spine (and hips and lower back) in place. Even through various sleeping positions caused by tossing and turning throughout the night. The added cushion can also provide comfort while allowing the legs to receive proper circulation. 

Luckily, Donnie isn’t the only one with access to the crowd-favorite Contour Leg Pillow (or the only one gaining better sleep because of it). Order yours to receive the same types of pain relief and sleep comfort each and every day. Whether you too suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, or are just looking for a better, easier way to rest comfortably each night. 

You can even receive a discount when buying two or more Contour Leg Pillows. A great excuse to buy them for the whole family – pass them out as birthday gifts or keep extras on hand for your next vacation.  

Ready to start shopping? Have a question or comment about our best-selling leg pillow? Head to our product page today and get started.