Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Best Sleeping Positions for a Bad Back

When crawling into bed each night, sometimes the worst positions are just the most comfortable. We sleep on our sides, our stomachs, and flop arms into odd angles. Those sleeping positions, however, just may contribute to back pain throughout the day. By stretching the muscles awkwardly or putting weight on the wrong areas, tings can occur several hours later.

To not only avoid pain-causing positions, but to help your back while sleeping, try these three back-friendly set ups. (Even Dr. Oz agrees.)

The Soldier

When achieving “the soldier,” a sleeper must lay on their back through the entire night. Look for a supportive mattress that will hold the rear, spine, and legs in place while achieving this pain-free night of rest.

Note: The soldier should be avoided by those with sleep apnea, as gravity allows the throat to become blocked, which is dangerous for those with difficult nighttime breathing. Back sleeping can also increase one’s chances of snoring throughout the night.

Sleeping Beauty

Graceful as it may sound, the “sleeping beauty” pose offers hard-hitting results against spinal pressure. Lay on your side with the back slightly curved, knees bent, and the arms crossed. Add a pillow between the knees to offer added hip support, or leave as is to achieve a restful position.

This is also considered one of the only side-effect-free ways to sleep – causing no outside pains or snoring tendencies.

Dead Man’s Float

Stomach down and head cocked to the side, the “dead man’s float” offers a position that any frontal sleeper can enjoy. Arms under the pillow can also work to prop the head and offer upper limb comfort.

Over time, this can cause neck twinges, which may or may not manifest in recurring pain. To avoid these side effects, do without the pillow or find another place for the arms. Another pillow under the hips will also prop the lower end of the body, evening out one’s levels. [Dr. Oz]

To gain a healthy night’s sleep, remember to look toward these back-friendly positions during all hours of the night.