Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sore Muscles? Try Trigger Point Therapy

When suffering from a sore muscle, there are few tasks worth performing. Even those that are necessary. Depending on where the affected area may be, it can be painful to twist, turn, move one’s head, or make even the slightest movement. When rare or taking place after a specific injury, this becomes much easier to swallow. But when waking up with ongoing pains, everyday tasks are difficult, if not downright impossible, to complete.

One of the easiest ways to find some relief comes from exercise treatment or specialized therapies, which actually work to heal each area rather than mask its symptoms. By working on an area from the inside out, the suffering can not only be reduced, but leave an area healthier in the process. One such form of therapy does just that. By placing specific pressure on a “trigger point” – a muscle that causes pain – the area can relax and heal.

Generally, the therapy is performed by a trained masseur and takes place over several appointments. The masseur presses (firmly, depending on the level of pain) on the injured area, and then removes all weight, acting as a pressure and release routine. Over time, the muscle is able to relax, loosen (allowing the patient to feel less pain), and reconstruct itself.

Trigger point therapy also works with timed breathing cycles and various pain assessments to determine exactly which area of the body is the “trigger”. Though it’s considered less relaxing than a traditional massage – as the receiver actively participates through responses – this therapy is meant to heal rather than to pamper. Patients regularly report positive results, and some said they also received alternate massage treatments to help relax the rest of the body. [TPTherapy]

And with any type of massage, heavy hydration before and after is recommended. By consuming plenty of water, the body can flush out any unnecessary toxins, which help to advance the affects of the treatment.

Talk to your masseur or local parlor/salon to find out more.