Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 5 Body Support Products

Having the proper support for the body is essential; not having the proper support can cause pain and injury to the body. Take a look at these top 5 products for body support.

  1.  BackMaxBody Wedge Cushion Sets: A 3 piece multi-functional wedge system that provides the user with complete back and body support. The wedge can be configured in multiple ways to suit the needs of the user. Each cushion can be used individually simply by unzipping each piece. BackMax Body Wedge is available in the standard model or plus model.
  2.  MattressGenie: An adjustable bed wedge that will transform any bed with the touch of a button. This wedge is good for people who have allergies, Gerd, acid reflux or any other sleeping condition. The wedge can raise the mattress up to 26 inches and can lift up to 1000 pounds. It can be used while sleeping, watching T.V., reading and eating breakfast in bed.
  3. BedLounge: Is an adjustable reading pillow that provides back and body support. The reading pillow supports the head, shoulders, neck, upper and lower back. The pillow can be adjusted and easily carried with one hand. This product can also conform to the body and has a fully adjustable headrest. The headrest can be raised or lowered and can be moved forward 90 degrees. This will cradle the neck and head. It has a side pocket that you can use for storage.
  4. Fleece BackWedge: A full-size wedge that combines ergonomic design with high quality foam, velour cover and an internal message unit. The wedge is contoured to match the natural curve of the body. The massage is delivered to the complete torso area, from the shoulders and neck to the lumbar area. The wedge flips, so it can be used in an upright seated position. It measures 27” x 14” on the soft side and is 20” wide.
  5. KneezUpLeg Wedge: An under the knee cushion designed for support and positioning of the knees. The wedge aids in circulation and can be used after an injury or surgery. The KneezeUp can help reduce pressure on the lower back; it does this by allowing the lumbar curve to flatten out. The knees are elevated to a 30 degree angle, which allows the joints and muscles to relax. It helps increase the blood flow to the lower extremities. The KneezUp cover is machine washable and the wedge itself is constructed of medical grade foam and covered with soft velour cover.