Monday, March 11, 2013

Kabooti Seat Cushion Reviews

Today we're highlighting some recent blog reviews of the Kabooti Seat Cushion.  Visit these blogs for great advice on lots of products, special coupons and deals, contests and more.

"I really find the Kabooti to be quite comfortable! I think because of the special Coccyx cut out, I am more inclined to sit with proper posture since I don’t feel any pressure there. The foam is sturdy but soft enough that your body can sink into it without any pressure points. I think this seat cushion would be perfect for long car trips!" ..... Me, Him and the Cats:
"I’m the happy and proud new owner of a Kabooti Seat Cushion for my booti! I’ve been trying to find a seat cushion that would help take some of the pain off of my back injuries area while I sit. I believe I have discovered the perfect solution in this 3 in 1 seat cushion; Donut Ring, Coccyx Cushion, Seating Wedge." ..... Terri's little haven:
"What I love most about the Kabooti cushion is that it’s soft and comfortable. It supports my spine alignment and back. It also encourages and reminds me to sit up. Also, it gives me a little boost, I feel a little taller." ..... beautyBrite:

"The first thing I noticed is you do sit straighter and it supports your back so much better than just sitting in a chair with no support. My husband tried it too and he fell in love with it.(I may have lost it!)" ... Sues Deals and Reviews;

"Since I received the Kabooti Seat Cushion, I use it all the time. Whenever I move to a different seat, I take it with me. I even take it in the car. " ... Plum crazy: 

"When I first got the cushion, I checked out the basic stuff. I noticed right away that the cushion itself was very firm. The contours in the cushion all had a purpose. Also I liked that instead of just having the cushion, it had a cover which was washable and also matched my chair, which made it less noticeable." ... I love My Coupon fans