Monday, July 2, 2012

Comfort Your Kabooti at the Football Game

We are fast approaching that time again; football season time, that is. The familiar smell of draught beer, greasy hot dogs and cheesy doughy pretzels is right around the corner. Serious football fans are already buying season tickets, claiming prime seating in those stadium steps. A true example of tailgating at its best, but what would enhance this all-American experience that much more would be a comfortable seat wedge cushion for all four quarters. 

Originally designed to soften and comfort the lower region of the body per and post surgery, the Kabooti Cushion has far greater use than its donut-ring shape may inspire. Not only does it aide in the relief of hemorrhoids and tailbone injury, it also doubles as the perfect accessory for any game. The ribbed and winged design cradles the coccyx bone and aligns the hips properly for long periods of sitting. Start by sitting on the cushion in your car on the way to the game and keep the comfort and support the whole way through.

Sitting endlessly on hard, firm stadium seats is not only uncomfortable, but promotes poor posture causing head, neck and shoulders to slouch. With this ergonomic design, total support and alignment are present along with general padding where you need it most! Order the Kabooti Cushion along with those pre-season tickets - it's a long season, so might as well get comfy!