Thursday, September 22, 2011

Invest in Good Rest

When is the RIGHT time to invest in a new mattress?

It is simply in our human nature to “invest.” Certainly from a monetary perspective, “investing” in our everyday lives is inevitable; from choosing to pump the Supreme Unleaded gasoline versus Regular into our already high-priced and motorized “investment” ensuring it drives to optimal performance, to investing in copious amounts of department store cosmetics and skin care products to ensure that natural, radiant glowing face shines brightly each morning, down to the simple investment in our daily cup of exorbitantly trendy coffee we so rely on to start the morning off right. So why should investing in a quality night’s sleep be any different?

In terms of following in the (Americanized) investment footsteps: it shouldn’t. A good mattress is certainly a worthy venture to invest upon. The act of replacing a worn mattress with a new quality-crafted mattress can work mere wonders Not only is it the key to a quality night’s sleep, but crucial to a healthy neck, back and spine. The bottom line: a well-produced mattress can mean the difference of waking up feeling energized or leave you stiff as a board.

So when is the time for an upgrade? Experts suggest to upgrade about every ten years or so. However, superior comfort and overall support take precedence. The main objective in the investment of a new mattress is to be able to fully relax the body as you slumber the night away, with little to no tossing or turning, and with enough support underneath the body to avoid any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

It is also a good idea to check your old mattress for any obvious imperfections. Rips, tears, lumps or sagging in the pad or pillow itself could signal the need for a new investment. Aside from the more obvious indications of a need exist some less obvious; tuning into your body and assessing your needs of the present day as opposed to the needs that your body may have called for year prior will guide you through the mattress-shopping experience. Bodies change and so do our nightly necessities. Certain areas of the back or neck may require a bit more padding now than at one time. Certain sleep positions may cause the onset of snoring or sleep apnea if not supported correctly. Take a moment to reassess your personal needs at the present moment to truly reap the benefits of a quality mattress.