Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mattress Genie Commercial

Ever wonder what the Mattress Genie does or how it works? Here's an "As Seen On TV" commercial Contour Products used to run:

There are many reasons you might want to lift your mattress - many are medical, but some are as simple as reading in bed, watching tv in bed or even eating in bed. Medical reasons include acid reflux, sleep apnea, spine problems, snoring, sinus problems, easing congestion and more.

We sought to create an inexpensive solution to counter the outrageous expense of adjustable beds. Ever price one of those? - Expect to pay several thousand dollars! The Mattress Genie mimics the benefits of an adjustable bed by allowing the user to raise the upper portion of the mattress using a simple remote control. Convenience is key, because each user can raise the bed to the perfect level for their situation. Once up, use the same remote to lower the mattress again. It couldn't be easier.

Plus the simple design allows anyone to install it quickly and easily. It requires no tools, and has only two parts. Slide the bladder between the mattress and box spring, connect the motor to the bladder hose, plug it in to an outlet, and you are ready to go. Read more about this innovative bed wedge here.