Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Design and Cover for CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow

NEW! For C-PAP Users:

Sleep Comfortably and in Compliance all night with any C-PAP mask!

Introducing a NEW version of the CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid featuring a molded design and cover upgrade!

-The first generation pillow was made of cut, open cell foam. Now the foam is poured into a customized mold for a better, more precise design. The result? A more resilient, supportive and cushiony sleeping surface!

-The new cover boasts a dual fabric design. The silky, quilted material fits perfectly into the hollowed out areas of the pillow and also along the shoulder area, while the rest of the pillow is covered with a soft velour material. The mask easily glides over the quilted fabric and so do your shoulders as you move throughout the night. The pillow easily zips off for washing.

The New CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow is available at Contour Living Right Now!