Wednesday, August 1, 2007

BackSaver Zero Gravity Chairs now at Contour Living

Contour Living now offers several options for zero-gravity: Multiple models of BackSaver™ brand zero-gravity recliners and Back Max wedge cushion recliners.

The 120-degree angled position (zero gravity recliner) places the body in its most relaxed state, where the heart and nervous system have to do the least amount of work to pump blood through the body.NASA astronauts assume this stress-free position for lift-off, minimizing physical stress on their bodies.

The zero-gravity technology is credited to the scientists and doctors at NASA and was utilized in the space program to reduce the amount of compressional forces exerted on the spine by the extreme speed at which the astronauts blast into space. During take-off, astronauts recline with their feet higher than their hearts with a torso to leg angle of 126 degrees +/- 7. The reason zero-gravity is a preferred posture for astronauts is any slight amount of disc compression will be exemplified by the speed and force of take off.

Normal sitting postures can load 150 pounds of compression into the lower back, while standing can load 100 pounds of compression, and lying in a horizontal position can load 25 pounds of compression. Even a minor back or spinal disc problem can be exacerbated with 25 pounds of compression.

See our line of Zero-Gravity recliners and Wedge Cushions here


Selina Dorsey said...

Abba Patio Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Patio Lounge Chair from Bizarkdeal

I love this chair it replaced my hammock that was too big for my balcony I now have room to walk to my storage closet. I love sungazing in my chair it fits my balcony space perfectly not made for laying on stomach sunbathing but forward facing sunbathers will enjoy also.