Thursday, September 17, 2015

How Far Should You be Walking?

In a time where many work behind a desk and public transportation is at the ready, it can be hard to consider life without convenience. Without the ability to get somewhere quickly. Those inventions that have made life so easy, however, like vehicles and jobs that don't require manual labor, also rob of us of essential daily exercise. Because, back when travel and daily tasks were more easily attained, body movement was, too. 

But when exercise has to be scheduled, how much walking is "enough"?

According to many sources – and fitness trackers – our daily goal should be 10,000 steps. It's a stat that has been around for decades (thanks to practice and research), and evens out to about five miles. Every day. Yet on average, Americans step less than 6,000 times per day, which leaves us plenty of room for improvement. 

The number is set to increase flexibility, burn calories, get the muscles and blood pumping, raise oxygen flow, and so on. It also provides enough steps that, ideally, a few thousand will be done at one time, which adds cardio to your daily routine. Overall, taking 10,000 steps per day will help add to your health from a well-rounded approach. 

For those who don't walk, it might sound daunting, but is a move that becomes easier as your body adapts. Additionally, the body is made to move – for long distances at a time. So long as you give your muscles the ability to do so, they can conquer some pretty impressive feats. Finally, researchers say that those who track their steps – through a "smart" device or a pedometer – come in with above-average numbers. 

For an easy, yet effective, way to boost your health, start walking more. It's a task that becomes more enjoyable and more hitting the longer it's kept in place.