Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reduce Snoring: Advice and a New Pillow Help!

Welcome Contour Living and Back to Health subscribers. This week we're focusing on snoring - and how to reduce or stop it. We're happy to introduce our newest product: The European Anti-Snore Pillow, plus Tips on How to Reduce Snoring. Some quick facts about our new pillow:
  • Adjustable anti-snore air chamber positions your head and neck to help prevent snoring via an easy to use inflate valve.
  • The pillow’s curved shape accommodates your neck area.
  • Open cell, natural latex foam regulates moisture and warmth and provides a soft, supportive sleeping surface.
  • Promotes side sleeping.
  • Family members will sleep better with reduced snoring.
  • Quilted cover is removable for washing
  • Fits in queen size pillow case.
  • Backed by a five year guarantee.

Comfortably position your head and neck for improved airway alignment to reduce the most common causes of snoring, like sleeping on your back. A built-in air chamber in the center of this pillow allows adjustable support to help keep you off your back during the night. Simply inflate the air bubble with the connected tube to the desired height.
The anti-snore pillow is made of natural latex foam flocks that regulate moisture and warmth and provide a soft, supportive sleeping surface. The pillow is curved to accommodate your neck area, and its anatomical shape ensures proper support during the night. The high quality Euro soft cotton cover is quilted for added comfort and luxury, and can be removed for washing. The pillow fits a queen size case and looks normal on your bed. The Anti-Snore pillow is backed by a five year guarantee. Learn more or purchase your Anti-Snore Pillow here

This Week's Featured Article:

Advice on How to Stop Snoring
Some helpful advice for reducing snoring:
  • One cause of snoring is sleeping on your back (head up). Sleeping in this position can limit the free flow of air through the breathing passageways. A simple change of positions, to one such as sleeping on your side, can help open the passage and enable easier (and quieter) breathing.
  • Excess weight can enlarge the internal organs in the breathing passageway and can also contribute to snoring. Maintain a healthy weight and you'll reduce this cause of snoring. In addition, a healthy diet will improve your over-all well-being and produce more productive sleep.
  • Nasal congestion and allergies will also block air passageways and make it difficult to breath during sleep. The symptoms associated with congestion and allergies will be especially worse if you are sleeping on your back.
  • Don't smoke. Yet another healthy reason not smoke, (as if you need another one).
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime and limit overall alcohol intake.
  • Avoid overeating, especially "heavy" meals before bedtime. .
  • Certain over-the-counter medicines designed for sleeping or dealing with symptoms of congestion, colds or allergies can cause breathing airway relaxation and help make sleeping a noisy activity.

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